Our vision is to integrate all school health components in promoting a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning and to produce healthy, productive citizens.

A SHAC is a school board-appointed advisory group of individuals who represent different segments of the community. Why do we need a SHAC?

Our purpose is to bring together individuals and groups from our community to address issues affecting the health and well being of our children, youth and families. The SHAC is to serve in an advisory capacity to the BISD Board of Trustees in regard to its School Health Program in order to improve student performance by promoting healthy lifestyles. 

The mission of BISD SHAC is to incorporate the components that make up a coordinated approach in order to assist the whole child, family, and community. These components of a School Health Program include:

To learn more about SHAC and what you can do, contact Avery Malone, RN, District Nurse at 903-678-4756.

2023-2024: Minutes (audio)

Audio Recordings available upon request